- Design concept
- Size : 210x210x180mm
- Material : ABS

People often become stiff when their picture is taken. Commands like “Say cheese” or counting down from three to one only makes them more uncomfortable and the photos more unnatural looking. With the FlyingStick digital camera, you don't need any countdowns or goofy sayings. It automatically takes pictures by itself as it flies through the air. Since no one knows when the shutter is released, you get photos that look more natural and relaxed.


I got the idea for FlyingStick when I saw a child playing with a propeller toy at the park. I also had in my head the concept of a dandelion seed flying through the air when the wind blows. FlyingStick’s propeller-like form keeps the device airborne like a dandelion seed caught in a breeze.


Because the face makes the photo, the integrated face-detection technology can recognize up to seven faces in a photo. FlyingStick automatically controls focus, exposure, color and flash to bring out the best in everyone. The embedded gyro-stabilizer keeps the digital camera stabilized while FlyingStick is in flight. The stabilizer is designed to control a wide range of shake and spin frequencies for optimal focusing.


Just like a toy propeller, you make FlyingStick fly with your hands. Put it between the palms of you hands, rub them together and launch it into the sky. While it is sails though the air, the integrated camera takes continuous photos. As people run after FlyingStick, their focus is on trying to catch it, not on posing for a picture—so people will have a more natural smile and relaxed look in the photos. What better way to record your memories—and play at the same time.





使用者にあんな自然な楽しさを与えることができるのがないかと思う悩みで Flying STICKは始まった





上から下に見下ろす独特の時点の写真が連続で撮れるようになりますね. プロペラを直接回して浮かべるという

 '物理的運動の遊び' だから独特の瞬間と面白い表情を持ったままの写真が取れるようになる

外装と結果物を通じて現われるおもちゃ, すなわち遊びとしての意味だけではなく, 物理的にカメラを持って動きを通じて楽しむ '遊び' コンセプトのカメラだ. まさに遊びとしての“写真をとる”とみられる


私は新しい視覚と内面世界, あるいは想像することができなかった結果を出す美術も好きだが、


最近の人たちの '行為'に多い視線が集中されている. 任天堂の Wiiのコントローラーとこれを利用した全身を使うゲームもそうで, アイパッタッチを含めた多くのタッチ入力方式の器機たちもそうで, こんな風車カメラもそうだ



慣れた人間に物質-非物質, 現実-仮想の親しい接触を成すようにするためのさまざまな試みではないか