PLUG TAILinterior accessory

- 1 packet : 1EA
- Size : 60×84×103mm (47g)
- Material : PP
- Color : One color
- Made in Korea

Interior accessories with EMOTION
I think just by looking at this Plugtail, it could make people think over environment. The house we live in has so many sockets and it feels pretty cold. That is why this Plugtail looks like a wild squirrels trying to go in home. By caring our environment, we can save many wild animals and this is the emotion that I wanted to express with this product.
This product is more like an interior accessories. The socket cover already in market is more like a safety product, this Plugtail is more like an interior accessories. So the product line is different.


Tidying up the wire when NOT used
The reason of unplugging the socket is for saving the standby power (electricity being used even when they’re off). In real life, the amount of this standby power is approximately 5%-10% out of total electricity used at home. So in broad sense, unplugging the devices and adapters not in use is also related to environment issue but it clearly is inconvenient. So I hoped this product actually helps people enjoy the inconvenient action which is 'unplugging the sockets'.









designer profile



Jin Hui Jo  /  creative design studio 'dBreez'

"I believe that design makes our life happy and interesting and inquire the design could understand human and preserve valuable environment."

We, creative studio 'dBreez' work about Brand Design, Visual communication, developing product, and planning contents.





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