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- 1 packet : 2EA
- Size : 56x149x20mm (packet)
- Material : 100% platinum silicone
- Made in Korea
- Color : Green

Sprout bookmark intends to evoke the sensibility by giving an impression of a sprouting bud when the user opens the book. Open the book slowly and the bookmarker will give you an impression of the new bud sprouting. Leave the bookmark in the book. It will make the book stand out and you will be under the impulse of opening the book again.


The product is safe because it is made of the same material as is used for nursing bottle-teat. However, special attention is required to prevent babies from putting it into their mouth.




Sprout ブックマークは本を開いた時、











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Youngdoo Park  /  doo design studio

Each person is called by different nickname, according to the group he/she is included. But some people are called by same nickname anywhere. I think, its reason is that he/she has his/her own special appearance. So, we intend to be called and remembered by people with same nickname, "doo", same appearance anywhere and anytime, form 2011.








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