YOUR MAGNETmobile accessory

- 1 packet : 1EA
- Size : 145x95x20mm (packet)
- Material : PC, PUR
- Color : Red, Scarlet, Chocolate, Grey, lime
- Made in Korea

Do you remember one of the toys which we used to play with when we were young - a magnet. Particularly, a U magnet, which has been remember as a toy with strong attraction in an unusual shape. By the time we got to know magnetic forces, we might have realized careful concerns and attention. The 'Your Magnet' connects you and me with strong attraction, not as the magnetic attraction between the N pole and the S pole, but as the links between human beings or between humans/non-humans.


Memory products such as iPhone or iPod should usually be kept out of magnets because all MP3 files you have could be deleted by the magnetic property. Except these, however, there is no problem even if any device is contacted by 'Your Magnet'. It is because they are attached by the influence of not magnetism but the suction plate.


Your Magnet is a new type of clamp that can be attached to mobile devices such as iPhone, iPod and any mobile device. Its angle can freely be adjusted by being erected or laid on the back. It is fun and comfortable for watching movies or video clips at home or at work, browsing the Internet, or using apps. In addition, its grab is more stable if your fingers are placed along the magnet space. While lying down, you can easily send text messages to your lover or friends.


These two features of the various angle adjustments and the stable grip are not all. 'Your Magnet' can be attached to make a shaver or small props hung on the bathroom mirror or small pegs hung in the kitchen. As it is portable, you can take it anywhere/anytime, or place it anywhere. It not only creates an interesting idea, but also serves as a useful stuff.




幼い時,遊んだおもちゃ中の一つの磁石, その中でも強いひかれることと珍しい模様に記憶される馬蹄磁石を憶えるか?


その強い魅力の関係を Nと Sで人と人, 人と事物の連結の輪として私とあなたの強いひかれることを

楽しく連結してくれる 'Your Magnet'を紹介する。

普通 iPhoneや iPodなどメモリーを使う製品たちは磁石を警戒しなければならない。

磁石はあなたが持っているすべての MP3 ファイルをとばしてしまうことができるからだ。

しかし 'Your Magnet'をあなたのどんな mobile deviceに付けても全然問題が発生しない。

'Your Magne'tは磁性ではない吸着版で製品にくっつく。


'Your Magnet'は iPhone, iPodなど Mobile deviceに付けて使う新しい形態のスタンドだ。

裏に付けて立てるとか微妙な角度調節が自由にできて, 家や事務室で映画や動画を鑑賞する時,

また'Your Magnet'の間に指にかけて使えば楽で安定感あるように取ることができる。



'Your Magnet'は洗面台の鏡に付けてカミソリや小さな小品をかけることもできて台所では小さなものをかけることもできる。

 面白いアイディアであるだけでなく, 実際に有用に使うことができる。








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