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It’s been quite a long time since I’ve updated news on Lufdesign.
Our latest post stopped since our new website (www.lufdesign.com) is opened.
I’ve come across on thoughts that I should diligently update our news and events from now on.

Our studio moved to a new office situated in Paju on August. Paju is the city of publication and art. Famous architects specially designed the buildings. Our building is surrounded by trees and is built with glass giving us impression as if we are in nature.  Its reflections at night seems like twinkle stars on the road.

When we moved to here the surrounding were greenish and now green leaves shed away by snowflakes.  Trees struggle to adapt to environment as if we struggle to adapt to new trends. However, meanwhile, the roots become stronger like our philosophy on design strengthens.

We will find you shortly again with more of sparkling and in-depth ideas.

Thank you!


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Leaf Tie designed by Tsunho Wang, Director of Lufdesign is selected as a finalist for an International Design Excellence Award (IDEA).
For 31 years, the International Design Excellence Awards has recognized design excellence in products, sustainability, interaction design, packaging, strategy, research and concepts and solidified its position as the preeminent international design competition.

Leaf Tie has been selected by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) as a finalist for the 2011 International Design Excellence Awards. Previous finalists in the Awards include the Apple iPhone and Herman Miller Aeron chair.

IDEA winners will be announced 30th June 2011. The Award ceremony will take place at the Industrial society of Americas international design conference in New Orleans in September 2011.
Details of the International Design Excellence Awards are available on the IDSA website.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all people who have loved Lufdesign. Its Leaf Tie has been sold all over the world and loved by a number of people.

A renewed website will be launched in a few days to meet your expectations. Plus, a new product is to be released soon. From now on, new items will be shown slightly faster than ever. We expect your continues love and attention. Thanks a lot.

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Lufdesign (Tsunho Wang, President) is pleased to announce that the ‘Leaf Tie’ is the recipient of a 2010 Design for Asia (DFA) Silver Award.

The DFA Awards are organized by the Hong Kong Design Centre with the purpose of raising awareness amongst businesses and the public about the value of good design as an essential component in business success, as well as for a sustainable, higher quality of life for all. This year’s winners were selected from approximately 400 commercial products released in one or more Asian markets by manufacturers from the world over during a period of roughly two years and seven months—from January 1, 2008 to July 31, 2010. From these, winners were selected based on superiority of design, degree of impact on the Asian lifestyle, and commercial success.

As one of the winners for the DFA Award 2010, Leaf Tie has exhibited at the HKTDC Inno Design Tech (IDT) Expo in Honk Kong on 2 – 4 December 2010.

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Thank you for your lovely interests.

We’re attend to Maison & Objet in Paris from 3 to 7 Sep.

Our booth is

Stand no : Hall 7 / J176
Exhibitor : Seoul Design Foundation

It’s not just Lufdesign’s booth.

That is exhibit with other designers.

Do you have plan to visit there?

When you’re in the Maison & Objet, please stop by to see us. :)

Many thanks.

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Thank you for your amazing interests.

The Emerald color is sold out and you can purchase them after 3 weeks.

So, we’re going to start to sell other colors while you’re waiting.

A small quantity of Espresso, Reindeer white, Kingfisher, Scarlet and Emerald.

Those colors are also limited volume. Please remember it might be sold out early.

Many thanks,

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Hello, everyone.

Thank you for ordering ‘leaf tie’ by lufdesign.
Products sent you today for a second delivery.
If you don’t receive the product or have serious problems, give me an e-mail. We’ll find a way.

We are just a ‘design studio’ not a shopping mall or something, so it is difficult for us to ship products every day. but we’re trying to be on date.

It normally takes about 5-15 days to get there. and if ‘express delivery’ is required please contact us.

This picture is sent me from our customer, We really cheered up.
Thanks for sending me the nice pictures.

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Hello, everyone. Thank you for purchase from the Lufdesign online store.
We thought you’d like to know that we shipped your ‘Leaf Tie’ today by 1:00 PM.

But due to the recent volcanic eruption in Iceland, flights to Europe, including flights by some shipping carriers, have been disrupted. Local Post Offices are currently backlogged with packages being sent to Europe thus, the shipment of your parcel to Europe will probably be delayed.

Many post-office clerks helped for the delivery because of many orders.

‘Leaf Tie’ is ordered in 15 different countries.
Thank you for your confidence.

P.S : We’ll start to sell the ‘Fork and cream sauce’ in this week. :)

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July 2009 – Lufdesign founder Tsunho Wang has finalist and new fellow the World Technology Award (WTA) this year in the category of Design. Other design finalist are Tokujin Yoshioka (Tokujin Yoshioka Design), Branko Lukic (Non-Object), Michael Malmborg (LYX). Ron Nabarro (senior–touch.ltd) has won. Other part winners are Mark Zuckerberg (Marketing Communications), Lawrence Lessig (Law) and President Paul Kagame, Republic of Rwanda (Policy).

The World Technology Network in association with Time, Fortune and Science magazines are presented each year to the outstanding innovators of different fields of technology. Tsunho Wang has been nominated by the membership of the World Technology Network which is composed of over 1000 scientists, entrepreneurs, financiers, journalists, academics, policy makers, etc., and over 200 organizations/companies, spread out over 60 countries. The World Technology results were announced from the stage at the gala World.

Technology Awards ceremony on July 16th at the Time & Life Building in NYC at the conclusion of the two-day (July 15/16) World Technology Summit. Every year the WTA goes to individuals and companies/organizations who are doing the innovative work of “the greatest likely long-term significance” in their fields.

Tsunho Wang has worked on a number of collaborations experimenting with architecture, spaces, interactivity, and the cultural aspects of new technologies. He will bring out green design products which will be put into environmental practice. He quotes, “The most important thing about environment-friendly products is practice which is based on user’s interest and not rules or control by law.” These designs will create new trends.


Ron Nabarro, Senior-Touch ltd.

Branko Lukic, Non-Object
Michael Malmborg, LYX
Tsunho Wang, Lufdesign
Tokujin Yoshioka, Tokujin Yoshioka Design

Yves Behar, Fuse Project
Giorgio Borruso, Giorgio Borruso Design
Alastair Curtis, Nokia
David Fisher, Dynamic Architecture Job
Konstantin Grcic, Konstantin Grcic Industrial Design
Daniel Harden, Whipsaw Inc.
Steven Skov Holt, California College of Arts
Jonathan Ive, Apple
Craig Mackiewicz, SolidThinking
David Rockwell, Rockwell Group
Davin Stowell, Smart Design
Jonas Wannfors, LYX Furniture & Light

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The people behind the Infiniti, Team 5: Matt Wright (design mentor) , Wang Tsunho, Shin Yoo-kyung, Ransome Chua, Wong Wai Lam (myself), Chung Ji Hyun, Holly Yu and Darren D’Cruz.
Thank you all for a wonderful experience. Your signatures on my certificate will be the most treasured souvenir from Hong Kong.

After that, it was party time at the home of Ruth Gee, Director of British Council Hong Kong, sipping red wine while overlooking one of the most beautiful view of Hong Kong.
Then, it was showtime! Click here to view the slideshow of our presentation.

Darren and Ransome rehearsing for the public presentation…

The final design on the user.

(Almost) 48 sleepless hours. Starbucks coffee fueled us throughout the challenge.
Shin, thinking hard…. working hard….

The final design. Above is the design detail which allowed ambient sound to enter even when the speaker is in use.

Occasionally, we had language barriers to overcome, but drawings like these helped communicate ideas across.

The final design direction… inspired by a twisting form which wraps around the user. Wrapping is a symbol of care and protection.

… after which we agreed on one design direction: a voice activated blue-tooth accessory which provides audio navigation and content. GPS maps and lifestyle content are already available on existing mobile phone services, this is just changing the media from visual text and graphics to audio information. The team agreed on using a bluetooth headset, however, the challenge was how to enable ambient sound from the environment to reach Jason and Tam while the information is being relayed.

The next morning started with a war of ideas… this is Chung pitching her idea for children education to raise awareness and instill better treatment to the visual impaired. (Above) Check the the three-legged cane sketch I did. It was a dumb idea, but we all had a good laugh!

Back at the studio at 5pm, and it was brainstorm time.

Tam had a hard time looking for directions to the toilet in the mall. Meanwhile, Jason was equally helpless when dealing with the ignorant waitress at Mcdonalds. However, he was able to navigate to the eatery, guided by the smell of french fries!

We joined Jason and Tam on a field trip to the streets of Hong Kong to observe how they navigated around. Taking notes, videos and photos of their movement, behaviour and surroundings.
Jason is almost 100% visually impaired and Tam has blurred centre vision. When he was a child, he had a habit of staring into bright light sources, causing his sight to deteriorate.
Our Design Partners Tam and Jason who are visually impaired.

*Some images have been reproduced to aid explaination of events

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lufdesign founder Tsunho Wang has been nominated for the Prestigious World Technology Award.

The World Technology Award Honors individuals for their Innovative work with the Greatest Likely Long-Term Significance.

New York (April 14, 2009) – The World Technology Network (WTN) announced that Tsunho Wang has been selected as a nominee for a 2009 World Technology Award, presented by the World Technology Network, in association with TIME magazine, Fortune magazine, and Science magazine, among others. Tsunho is eligible to be selected as the Winner of the 2009 World Technology Award in the category of “Design.”

James P. Clark, founder and Chairman of the World Technology Network, commented “The World Technology Awards program is not only a very inspiring way to identify and honor the most innovative people and organizations in the technology world, but it also is a truly disciplined way for the WTN membership to identify those who will formally join them as part of our global community. By working to make useful connections among our members, we look forward to assisting the nominee to continue to help create our collective future and change our world.”

Winners will be announced on July 16, 2009, in New York, at the World Technology Awards gala ceremony at the TIME & Life Building at the conclusion of the two-day World Technology Summit. The World Technology Awards honor individuals and corporations from twenty technology-related sectors viewed by peers as being the most innovative and doing the work of the greatest likely long-term significance. Award categories range from communications, biotechnology, space and energy through to ethics, design and entertainment.

Nominees for the 2009 World Technology Awards were identified based on an intensive, global process over a period of many months in which current individual WTN members (primarily elected WTN Fellows from previous Awards cycles, who now number over 1000, spread out over 60 countries) made their nominations based on who they think is doing the innovative work in their field of the greatest likely long-term significance. After the WTN gathers further information from nominees, WTN individual member then vote on their preferences within their category. The top five selections in each category are announced from the podium on stage at the Awards ceremony, and inducted into the WTN membership as Corporate Members. The Winner receives an Award on stage and makes comments about their innovative work to those assembled.
A selection of WTN members in the 20 different award categories who nominated/judged/voted in recent years includes:

- Tim Berners-Lee, Director, World Wide Web Consortium (W3c)
- Niklas Zennstrom, CEO & Founder, Skype
- Gordon Moore, Co-Founder, Intel
- Kilnam Chon, Professor, Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology (Kaist)
- Richard Marks, Manager, Special Projects, Sony Computer Entertainment
- Lawrence Lessig, Professor, Stanford Law School; Author “The Future Of Ideas”
- Philippe Van Nedervelde, Executive Director, Foresight Institute Europe
- Calestous Juma, Professor Of The Practice Of International Development, Kennedy School Of Government, Harvard University
- Gary Shapiro, President, Consumer Electronics Association Of America
- Don Peppers, Co-Founder, Peppers & Rogers Group; Author “One To One Future”
- Dan Gillmor, Author, “We The Media; Grassroots Journalism By The People, For The People”; Former Technology Columnist, San Jose Mercury News
- Gregory Stock, Director, Program On Medicine, Technology, & Society, UCLA
- Fred Von Lohmann, Senior Intellectual Property Attorney, Electronic Frontier Foundation
- Leslie Vadascz, Former President, Intel Capital
- Ann Winblad, Co-Founder, Hummer Winblad Venture Partners
- Richard Dasher, Executive Director, US-Asia Technology Management Center, Stanford University
- Josh Wolfe, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Lux Capital
- Albert Teich, Director, Science And Policy Programs, American Association For The Advancement Of Science (Aaas)
- Daniel Goldin, Chairman, The Intellisis Corporation; Former Administrator, NASA
- Molly Coye, President, Health Technology Center
- Bert Keely, Architect, Tablet Pc, Microsoft
- Jim Fruchterman, President & CEO, The Benetech Initiative
- Alexandra Weber Morales, Editor In Chief, Software Development Magazine

This year’s World Technology Awards ceremony will cap the 2009 World Technology Summit taking place on the 15th and 16th of July at the TIME Conference Center in the historic TIME & Life Building in New York City. This year’s Summit — which has as its theme “How to Save the Future,” will also include demos from the stage, and exhibits from the floor. For more information on the World Technology Network, World Technology Awards and World Technology Summit, please visit www.wtn.net .

About The World Technology Network
The World Technology Network is a New York-headquartered organization that was created to “encourage serendipity” – happy accidents – amongst those individuals and companies deemed by their peers to be the most innovative in the science and technology world. WTN’s areas of interest range from IT and communications to biotech, energy, materials, space, and related fields such as finance, marketing, policy, law, design, and ethics. Each year, WTN members are brought together through an ongoing global series of regional roundtables, global Summits, and other events. The WTN has also convened the World Energy Technologies Summit at UNESCO headquarters in Paris. The central events in the WTN calendar include the annual World Technology Summit and World Technology Awards – the culmination of a global judging program through which new members are nominated and selected and by which the network grows and is refreshed.

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